Mount Royal tops Saskatchewan in 3-2 thriller

Hailey Dirk, Cougar Athletics

CALGARY - The Mount Royal Cougars took on the Saskatchewan Huskies at MRU's Stadium Field on Sunday. Both teams came into the match having won their first game of the season, but the Cougars edged out the Huskies 3-2.

The game kicked off to a slow start between the provincial neighbours with neither team seeming to have an advantage over the other until Tysen Chatani scored the first goal of the game, and his first USPORTS career goal, for the Cougars. After another period of back and forth play, the Cougars lead turned increased again thanks to a goal from Branden Canejo, assisted by Moe El Gandour, the winner of yesterday's Booster Juice player of the game. With the Huskies needing to play catch up, Tyler Redl's goal against the Cougars helped even the playing field, bringing the score to 2-1 for the Cougars. Several shots by the Huskies were saved, but it seemed the pressure was on the Cougars at the end of the first half. Before halftime tensions erupted in an argument between many players on the field, but quickly fizzled out without incident. The score was 2-1 for the Cougars at halftime. 

Following more back and forth play after halftime, again assisted by Moe El Gandour, Orest Ndabanzee scored his second goal of the season for the Cougars, bringing the score to 3-1. The Huskies managed to score another goal late in the game as Tobi Ojo found Tyler Redl who scored his second goal of the game. After more back and forth between the teams, the game ended at 3-2 for the Cougars. The Booster Juice players of the game are Tysen Chatani for the Cougars and Jacob Powell for the Huskies.

The Cougars next game will be against Fraser Valley's Cascades on September 8th, at Fraser Valley's field. The next home game for the Cougars is September 16th, playing the UBC Thunderbirds.