Best of the West Tournament 2019

Best of the West Tournament 2019

CALGARY - The Best of the West tournament will feature two age class divisions – a U17 Division and a U18 Division. The tournament draw and playoff brackets are included in this package. Pool Seeding was based on a combination of last year's results at Nationals and this year's results at provincial premier tournaments (*where possible inter-provincial matchups will be avoided within the pools).

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Friday, April 19

  East Center West Stanley
  Warm up begins for 4 pm matches @ 3:30 pm
 4:00 PM A1 vs. A3 B1 vs. B3 C1 vs. C3 A2 vs. A4
 5:15 PM D1 vs. D3 E1 vs. E3 C2 vs. C4 B2 vs. B4
6:30 PM D2 vs. D4 E2 vs. E4 F2 vs. F4 F1 vs. F3


Saturday, April 20

  East Center West Stanley
8:00 AM MRU Recreation Facility doors will open at 8 am
9:00 AM B1 vs. B4 C1 vs. C4 A2 vs. A3 A1 vs. A4
10:15 AM B2 vs. B3 C2 vs. C3 D1 vs. D4 E1 vs. E4
11:30 AM F1 vs. F4 D2 vs. D3 E2 vs. E3 F2 vs. F3
1:00 PM A3 vs. A4 A1 vs. A2 C3 vs. C4 B3 vs. B4
2:15 PM D3 vs. D4 B1 vs. B2 E3 vs. E4 C1 vs. C2
3:30 PM F3 vs. F4 F1 vs. F2 E1 vs. E2 D1 vs. D2
5:00 PM M1 - U17 Round of 16 M2 - U17 Round of 16 M3 - U17 Round of 16 M4 - U17 Round of 16
6:15 PM X1 - U18 Round of 16 X2 - U18 Round of 16 X3 - U18 Round of 16 X4 - U18 Round of 16


Sunday, April 21

  East Center West Stanley
8:00 AM MRU Recreation Facility doors will open at 8 am
8:30 AM M5 - U17 B Semi M6 - U17 B Semi X5 - U18 B Semi X6 - U18 B Semi
9:45 AM M7 - U17 Quarter M8 - U17 Quarter M9 - U17 Quarter M10 - U17 Quarter
11:00 AM X7 - U18 Quarter X8 - U18 Quarter X9 - U18 Quarter X10 - U18 Quarter
12:15 PM M11 - 11th place M12 - 9th place X11 - 11th place X12 - 9th place
1:30 PM M13 - U17 Cons Semi M15 - U17 Semi final M16 - U17 Semi final M14 - U17 Cons Semi
2:45 PM X13 - U18 Cons Semi X15 - U18 Semi final X16 - U18 Semi final X14 - U18 Cons Semi
4:00 PM M17 - 7th place M20 - U17 Gold M19 - U17 Bronze M18 - 5th place
5:15 PM X17 - 7th place X20 - U18 Gold X19 - U18 Bronze X18 - 5th place