Cougars emphatically snap losing streak with 6-1 win

Cougars emphatically snap losing streak with 6-1 win

Hailey Dirk, Cougars Athletics

CALGARY - Saturday night, the Mount Royal Cougars and Saskatchewan Huskies rematched at the Flames Community Arenas after a Huskies win the day prior. After a tough first period, the Cougars emerged with a major lead and weren't shaken from the top, winning 6-1 and punching their ticket into the playoffs.

Cougars head coach, Scott Rivett, commended his team's resiliency. "They have a great ability to get hungry and refocused and come in after a loss with a great game plan. Obviously, we were just rewarded for that."

The Cougars' usual goalie, Zoe De Beauville, was back in the starting lineup after Emma Pincott took to the ice on Friday. With the Cougars' first shot of the game, Breanne Trotter scored, sending the puck soaring past Huskies goalie Camryn Drever. While the Huskies were coordinated, the Cougars seemed to be tripping over their own feet, often firing the puck right into the sticks of their rivals. The Huskies saw their in and took it when forward Emily Upgang scored her team a goal.

Both teams entered the second period on even footing until another shot from Trotter boosted the Cougars to a one-goal lead. Soon after, Shawni Rodeback scored her first goal of the game and brought the score to 3-1 for the Cougars. Not letting up on Drever, the Cougars managed a third goal of the period, with a shot from Anna Purschke.

After milking every possible goal out of the second period, the Cougars only had to hold onto their now three-goal lead for 20 more minutes to secure a win. However, instead of just holding onto their lead, they increased it with another goal from Purschke. Kennedy Bozek would add another, making it 6-1 when she fired a shot past new Huskies' goalie Jessica Vance.

The Booster Juice Players were Mount Royal Cougars Anna Purschke and Saskatchewan Huskies Emily Upgang. Feb. 8 and 9, the Cougars will play the Lethbridge Pronghorns, while the Huskies will take on the Manitoba Bisons.