Mount Royal University Cougar Athletics and Pepsi are pleased to continue offering this exciting program for elementary schools and their students.

For years the Cougars have valued and appreciated the community support we have received, and in 2003 Mount Royal created ‘C’ is for Cougars to give back to the community through local schools. For a decade, the ‘C’ is for Cougars program has been positively impacting Calgary youth and Cougars student-athletes look forward to visiting your school this season!

If you wish to participate in this unique program, two Cougars athletes will take an hour to visit your school, read to a group of students (grades K-6), answer questions, share experiences, and even participate in class with all the potential ‘Future Cougars’ at your school!!

For more information or to book a time with our athletes, please contact Sandra Lamb, Community Outreach Coordinator and Women’s Volleyball Head Coach at

Please keep in mind that due to our student-athletes travel schedule, we are only available Monday - Thursday mornings.

The Cougars would also enjoy hosting your school at any of our home games - for information on ticket packages or special youth nights, click here.